Unpacking: NEMO Equipment Losi 3P

Yesterday I got a wonderful box, one with birds and N's and "welcome to the team" written all over it. A box I know all too well (I have the Moki, Morpho, 2 fillo's (camp pillow), and three different sized Tuo pads). For the PCT trek our friends at NEMO sent us the Losi 3P. It's a bit bigger than our moki, lighter weight, and better for the 3 of us to carry. We had some mildew issues with the Moki because we weren't able to dry it every morning if it got wet because it would just get stuffed in our packs, but with the Losi, it has an external fly which means if it's much easier to shake out and hang from our packs to dry. So we are all pretty pumped about the tent, and when we first got it, it was immediately set up in our living room... heres what we think.

The first thing I noticed is how awesome the packaging is. It's a burrito! There is a slot for the poles, stakes and lines, and then a big ol' pouch for the tent. When all is in place, you just roll it up, buckle it shut, and your good to go.

When we unpacked the tent, we were able to feel how truly light it was. One of the coolest parts of them were the 'Jake's Foot' which are the way the poles clasp to the tent. Instead of sticking a pin into a pole, theres a ball at the end that snaps into a socket. What this means is it's able to be set up with one person, and the poles to slip out.

The main poles are connected by a plastic piece that then attaches to the tent. Once the main poles are set up, there are two smaller poles that pulls the walls of the tent nearly vertical, make every square foot of the tent usable. We threw over the tarp, and climbed right in. Super spacious, and then we noticed the goodies they added for us. The gear caddy, and gear loft were attached to the inside of the tent. The gear caddy is on the wall with tons of pockets to put all of our stuff when we are in the tent, and the gear loft which is on the ceiling to hang we clothes, flashlights for illumination, and anything else we don't want on the floor.

All in all, this tent seems like the perfect tent for us, and I am very excited to give it a go in the outdoors. Seeing as it will be our home for 6 months, we were very happy with the size, weight, and over all design of the Losi.


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