Kigo Drive -- Barefoot for beginners


The barefoot movement has been a growing industry in the past few years, and for some, it doesn't make sense. Barefoot style shoes aren't for everyone, but if you've ever been curious, the new Kigo Drive's are for you! A simplistic, minimilist design, they still offer a 'lace' system that allows your foot to easily be inserted and removed from the shoe -- none of that forcing it in business.

One of the benefits to this lacing system, is the foot doesn't get as hot as it may in a slipper style shoe. The increased airflow means more comfortable feet. The bungie laces offer the tight support for fast pursuits, or the loose comfort of walking around the house. The new foot mold for these shoes also means that they fit like a normal shoe! No need to go a size (or two) up to compensate for the tight fitting nature of barefoot style shoes.

For all those who are skeptical about the traction of these bad boys -- rest assured. I hiked the last 10 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in these guys! Through mud, snow, and water, they were great. I even had a 35 pound pack on. While I wouldn't suggest wearing a super heavy pack like that with any barefoot style shoe, they work great as an extra pair and campshoe. When fishing, they would be the only thing I would wear, giving my the traction I needed not to slip and fall.

The only word of caution I can give, is keep them clean! The PU that makes up the shoe begins to smell after a while if you don't keep them clean. An easy task to most, but when in the mountains for 6-months, it's a little difficult! It took about three months for them to get really smelly, so most of you should be fine.

The best part about these shoes? They are made from recycled material, and are recyclable. At the end of the shoes life, you are able to send them in to the company for reuse. The materials are melted down to its original chemical structure, and then remade into new shoes! Thats the beauty of synthetic material -- if you dispose of it properly, it'll last forever (for better or worse).

Kigo has done it again, with another awesome shoe that will fit in your pack, easy to use, and super lightweight. I wouldn't do a stream crossing without them.