Do you hike with an instrument?

To those who are into music, it is a passion, and a love. For Andy, it was the one thing (other than copious amounts of food, his dog, and women) that was missing on the trail. When we stopped in Philly to visit his family for Easter, we decided to bring some music out to the woods with us and purchased the Washburn Rover -- a backpacker guitar. A full length guitar with a small body, it sounded close to the real thing. It was lightweight and pretty easy to care for. All we did was covered it with a lightweight waterproof bag (sea to summit) and clipped it to the side of the pack and was off. Originally, he was going to try and teach me, but it reality we were just too tired by the end of the day to actually work on it so it was just a nice pass-time, and Andy got his musical fix.

For the PCT Andy will surely bring his guitar. I want to partake in the musical melodies which will dance from our tent, and since I'm taking lessons on the flute this year, I figured something of that nature would work out. Thus I came to the Native American Flute. Being a simple and light wooden flute, the sound is soft and interesting, and I think will go along just lovely with Andy's guitar. I'll be getting mine from Ancient Territories. Anyone else do any hiking with instruments? I enjoy lightweight gear, but I definitely enjoy my luxuries. A good balance between lightweight and fun is key!