Your Fanny's Friend

What's something you do daily, but maybe won’t admit to? Pooping! With that said I present The Dusty Camel’s most important gear review, ever…
If you’re like most people before an expedition you’re thinking about what jacket, rations and maps you need to buy. Not, what am I going to wipe my derriere with for the next month?

When Ian and I first started the Appalachian Trail he, like most, had a plastic baggy full of Charmin Ultra toilet paper. For starters paper becomes a giant spitball when it gets wet. Also, it’s an un-sturdy cleaning product when an “extra special project” arrives. Keeping things tidy for you and the environment is important for a comfy and responsible backpacking experience. With these factors in mind I came prepared with a secret weapon… baby wipes!

Stuffed in my pack were biodegradable wipes. Now you may be laughing, initially Ian pointed and laughed too, but, since I use them in society, I thought why not in the woods too?

If you add up not showering for weeks & being a relatively furry man it’s important to keep your area clean. What better in the backcountry than with a refreshing, light & moist towelete? And not to worry eco-conscious travelers! Most wipes are biodegradable.

To top off the argument, baby wipes can be a doubled as a great shower replacement. They remove the filmy layers of sweat that form over a long day of trekking through warm climates. This makes slipping into your sleeping bag a lot more comfy because you’re not sticking to it!

Trust me, using wipes won’t make you a baby, instead it’ll leave you with the freshest fanny in the forest!

- Andy