Training day

I walked nearly 5 miles yesterday with no pack and smoking a cigar along the way. A Torano exodus which is really mild. Unlike running, walking down hunt trails and back county roads is very conducive to enjoying a cigar. Along the way saw a pack of stray dogs at least 5 of them and a Bald Eagle soaring around the tree tops. I stopped to watch as a little bird harassed the Eagle probably protecting a nest.

Runkeeper told me that the path I chose was all paved roads and was a loop of about 5.25 miles. It turns out I didn't take into account the extra mile I have to do up and back from the house to the start of the path. this was also the first time I did this particular route which took me down this dirt country road that supposedly connected my loop together. I made it 3 miles down and realized it was going to be dark before I got home and called Jess to come get me.. Turns out I was about 2 miles from home but it does actually loop around. So that will be a good training walk now that I know it does not end up at a backcountry meth lab where I will be shot and killed on sight.

Today is upper body day for training purposes. Exercise ball pushups and resistance bands, followed by 1.5 mile interval running. Being a big fat ass means I have to lose at least 10 lbs before June 1st to feel safe hammock camping on the trail but 15 would be nice. I weighed in at 235 this morning. Down from 237 yesterday.