Wayah Bald NC to the NC/GA Border

I am back on the trail about to do From Wayah Bald all the way to Springer so I will have seen the beginning middle and the end.  

you can learn more about my trip at https://www.facebook.com/goingsouthat

And my life with a brain tumor journal at http://www.going-south.org

This first part of the trail in NC has been amazing, great views of the mountains at wayah bald, I had to stealth hang in my hammock by a spring because a troop of boy scouts were in the shelter monday.

Hiked about 10 miles south from about 2 miles north of wayah bald shelter to Siler Bald shelter with a few off trail moments to try and catch some views and get some flora pictures.  Met an awesome German man named Dream Swimmer and we had a great conversation for a few hours.

The next day I expected to hike about 10 miles but I met up with a couple who were hiking to their car nearly 25 miles away and planning on doing a white water rafting trip into georgia on the river deliverance was filmed on.  They had an open spot if I wanted to go along..   Hell YES!  So I hiked nearly 25 miles to their car we drove back to Franklin where I spent the night in this Microtel in wonderful hiking pain and leave this morning on my first whitewater rafting experience.  



Pictures incoming in the next few days  this computer is slow as  can be..