Appalachian Trail - You can't spell Anticipation without P.A.I.N


Waiting is by far the hardest part..  I will miss my wife friends and family, I will miss my dogs, it will be a long 6 months in the woods.

With 3 weeks left until I leave for Maine I am about to crack. I pack and unpack my pack (say that 5 times fast) at least twice a day, I test and retest gear.  Now I am trying hard not to twist an ankle or break a bone before I even start.

"Hey Bill would you like to go do that Zip line course?"  - Yeah! oh wait I better not..

"Hey Bill would you like to go bowling?" - mmm. not particularly..

"Hey Bill want to go to this cool new restraunt I found"  - I better not in case there is an E-coli outbreak..

at this point I NEED to be on the trail it isn't even a choice anymore, I don't care about food drops, pace, average MPD, water sources, boil rates, baby wipes VS. Toilet paper or anything like that.  I care about getting to Maine and climbing a mountain.  if you are reading this please send strength to the people around me because I am going to be unbearable (No pun intended)