Gear Check - Special Service Sweater - Triple Aught Design

A package arrived this week from Triple Aught Design... I am not one to really ever use profanity, but HOLY SH%T!

In planning this hike I had a big concern: warmth in the smokies during winter because I know I am going to be slower just with the nature of my medical needs and the temperature regulation problems that my medication causes. I was positive I was going to have to move to a tent and heavy duty sleeping bag by September and continue through Late November.

I am not worried any longer.. TAD sent me the Special Service Sweater which is Merino wool and the best constructed piece of clothing I have ever put on. You know that feeling you get from a well made suit or a loving glance from your significant other after a night of intimacy? This sweater provides all of that plus pockets.

When I get to take action shots later on the trail with this sweater I will be looking like a British Special forces sniper.  TAD makes awesome gear and this sweater is just flat out amazing.

It is a little on the heavy side but it's primary use for me will be in that September - November range where I am going to need both warmth and breathability and this fits that perfectly


UPDATE: Looks like they sold out of the special service sweater check their other gear here