I want to hike the Appalachian Trail Because

1. I want to inspire others with a dire diagnosis that the adventure isn't over.. keep kicking
2. I never took enough risks before they found the tumor
3. I need to prove to myself that this lump is not an unbearable weight
4. I need to finish something for once in my life
5. If there is not much time left for a normal life I want to go out with the knowledge that I did something big
6. I don't want to have a "I thought about doing that but life got in the way" conversation EVER!
7. I want to be stronger mentally and physically to face the next few years.
8. there are people out there who think I can't do it
9. I want to face my fears head on
10. I need to evaluate my existence and see if I can come out the other side a better person

Thank you Zach "Good Badger" Davis for publishing the book that spawned this list..