Appalachian Trail Stories - Fact or Fiction #7 Horrible Injury Edition!

If you have read my diagnosis page you will soon come to realize that I have a history of horrible injuries. 

Both knees have been surgically repaired, my right kneecap has been broken, my left clavicle has been reattatched to my breastbone in a risky surgery, and I think I broke my little toe on my left foot a few weeks ago while running in my vibrams. Throw in some back problems and that fun risk of a seizure while climbing a mountain and the odds are decidedly stacked against me coming out of this unscathed.

I have read about Torn up knees, broken ankles, falling off a mountain, drowning in a river the list goes on and on.  so to prepare myself I have been lashing my hiking poles to my legs like a splint as I do my training walks that way even if I do shatter a leg I can keep going.