Appalachian Trail Stories - Fact Or Fiction # 5

Everybody knows when you go to a foreign country you don't drink the water because of immigrant cooties.  But upon further research it turns out I can't drink the water in my own country either!

When I think about filling up my water bottle at a beautiful waterfall or a bubbling spring, it brings me peace and happiness. But apparently I should be concerned about evil microscopic parisitic creatures just waiting to chew up my insides..

From "It felt like I had two weasels in my midsection, their claws braced into the walls, trying to tear each other apart."  

 This quote is not about contracting Giardia it's about the pills used to treat the symptoms that are even worse than that..

After reading that I purchased 12 packs of Aquamira, a SteriPen and a bottle of clorox as a backup.