Oh how this trip has changed

I am too lazy to get all the mileage info as I have been for the past few days. But. We did around 22 today. And we are just under 1600 total.

Anyway, we woke up and rob took us to the trail north of here and we left our packs here and walked back. We have spent so much time at peoples houses, I'm starting to forget we are on a trail! And 'southern hospitality' has nothing on the north. Rob has been great and has helped us out a lot

The hike was standard and not too interesting. It was cool and cloudy, but no rain just yet.

We got back to robs and went out to eat. We came back and watched some TV and relaxed. Tomorrow we will head out and spend one night on the trail and then rob set it up so we are going to stay at another guys house over the weekend and slack pack then too!

We are finished with mass tomorrow! Vermont here we come.

Ps Nikki, where did you get number four? Don't be silly.
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