Sore feet

Hiked today: 18.2

Hiked total: 1412.9

To katahdin: 765.4

We had great weather today, but we are still not in the swing of things. Our feet were hurting a lot today, so we stopped a little before our 20 mile mark and pitched the tent. We got an early start and got in at 3:15. While we are annoyed our feet could only carry us 18 miles, we do enjoy getting in early. At least the weather was good. It was in the 60's and sunny, and everything is finally turning green! We were growing tired of all the brown, decaying matter that littered the path. Unfortunately, with all this nice weather came BUGS. We got a mini rest 4 miles into the day where there was gas station and we got some Gatorade and candy, but after that we couldn't break because of the bugs. We tried once, but we were getting attacked, so quickly moved on.

We both came to the conclusion that we are burnt out and bored. We pushed so much in Virginia and PA, and now we are feeling it. And hiking all day everyday for nearly 3 months just gets boring. We don't think the flame will be blazing until we get up to the whites, where our excitement will spark. After that is Maine where we will be happy as well. We just have to push for the next 2.5 weeks until we get there. We have 2 more days in new York and then 5 days in Connecticut. We are looking forward to that, but its still exhausting to get through all this.

The trip continues, but I think as of this moment our minds are still on the real world.

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