7 states down, 7 to go

Day 60

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Well we woke up today to Jordan making us pancakes. We packed away our stuff and cleaned up our bed and joined him, Sandi, and their friend. After we had our fill of pancakes, Jordan made us some eggs from the chickens out back. Needless to say, we had a good morning.

Sandi drove us to the trail, and we were off. Those two are some of the nicest most genuine people we have met, and we are very thankful to have met them!

The weather was nice today and it hasn't rained yet - although its supposed to tonight. We were done with PA and now are in NJ! That means we have 7 states down, and 7 to go. It was cool out and we had some nice views of the Delaware river. We eventually made it to the Mohican Outdoor Center where camping is free for thru-hikers. Chris, the guy who works here, set us up and told us a place delivers up here, so we ordered up some food and enjoyed being inside away from the flies and bugs that have begun to surface. So we ate, practiced guitar, and now we are watching a movie! They have a projector and a small handful of people here in cabins watching with us. So we will finish this up and go to bed. There are some extra eggs and cheese here, so we have a good breakfast in store for tomorrow!

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