Waiting for the snow to melt

Day 0

well, Andy put out the idea of waiting a day in semi-warmer weather in hopes the snow will melt to below knee level, and I quickly agreed. So we are here with CC at the Greasy Creek Friendly and we are very happy. A true zero day. We didn't leave the place, and watched movies, ate lots, and relaxed. I actually got to cook real food! I haven't cooked in a while other than some grilling which I could use marinade for so it wasn't really cooking. I used some more of her veneson and made a meat sauce with some of her home grown bell peppers. Oh man it was a feast. It was delicious. Andy and I had huge bowls, and now full bellies. Well, to be honest, I've been eating all day. CC has been very helpful and kind to us, so it's making it hard to leave. She's actually trying to find a partner for the place, and if I had the money, I would be it.

Anyway, I ate another (#3 now) pint of Ben and Jerrys while Andy ate a jar of peanut butter and maple syrup -- a new combo CC turned him on to. We watched Lord of the Rings, sat around, and now we will probably get to bed soon and leave in the morning at our normal time. We are eagerly awaiting the warmth so we don't have to stop! We don't mind going into a town where we need to resupply and spend the night, but taking a whole zero day is hard to stomach because we want to be out there hiking... it's just too cold and wet which means everything is frozen solid.

On to Roan Mt. tomorrow, 6200 feet, which is the highest shelter we will stay at along the AT.