Day 43

Hiked today: 20.6

Hiked total: 906.3

To katahdin: 1272.5

We actually got to see views today! As we were eating breakfast, we saw a patch of blue in the middle of grey, and got excited. I started off in rain gear just incase but then stripped down about half hour later. The clouds parted, the blue revealed itself and soon enough the sun shined its rays on us. We were warm, happy, and dry. We took our wet clothes and hung them on our packs to dry. We had a short day today, so I walked a little slower than usual and just enjoyed the weather. We actually had some uphill today too, yesterday was all flat where as today we had a significant 1200 foot incline.

The hike was nice, but the best part was to come. About a mile and a half from a park campground, we called pizza hut. We convinced the driver to come out on the skyline to bring us pizza. We got two large pies and two medium pies with pineapple, ham and bacon on two and sausage, onions, and peppers on the other. In addition to that, we got bread sticks and a two liter of soda. We went to the picnic tables and ate. We actually couldn't eat it all which means we have breakfast in the morning! No Name said he might push to this shelter (he usually does 13 miles a day) but because the weather is so nice, I think he just tented at 13.

It was a good day. We needed the sun to boost our moral, and the pizza didn't hurt either! Tomorrow we will have a big day to get to our last resupply in Virginia. That's huge because not only is VA the longest state on the trail, but we will make halfway in about a week. VA is hard mentally because the goal of finishing is so long. It'll be nice when it won't take more than two weeks to finish a state.

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