Shenandoah national park

Day 42

Hiked today: 7.0

Hiked total: 859.5

To katahdin: 1318.8

We woke up today outside of buena vista and started to make coffee to find that our gas tank was empty. We were on the reserve one too. So, instead of hiking for 3 days with no hot drinks or food, we decided to get a ride to the outfitters. The only problem with that is there wasn't any until waynesboro. So we had to get a ride into there.

We got there, got our music (thanks Dave) and package my mom sent (no thanks to you mom. They put priority tape on it and it was only paid for first class so I had to pay an extra 3.50! Thanks though.) we had the best breakfast yet at Weesies with blueberry pancakes the size of normal dinner plates. Went to the library to use the computer to check on the world, upload new pictures, check to see if there's any new cool gear at Nemo, and other general stuff. We then went to the outfitters which was a mile out of town. On the way, two guys pulled over and asked if we wanted a ride to the trail. He was nice enough to stop off and let us get more fuel and brought us to the trail.

We got on the trail and started off into the shenandoah national park. Very foggy and cloudy and not many views yet, I hope it clears up though. We got caught in a decently heavy rain the last half hour of the hike up and ran here. We met a guy named Knox who is doing the SNP on his spring break. He's a cool guy, next year he is going to a college to major in search and rescue. There's supposed to be rain tomorrow so we are going to push 26 to a shelter and not dilly-dally because there's nothing to see! I really hope as March leaves us, so does this copious amounts of dense fog.

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