a food coma and one month

Day zero

well as I stated last night, the weather is keeping us in today. So what do we do? Eat! We went to the China Kitchen which had a buffet and ate an inordinate amount of food. While I only ate half as much as Andy, together we had 10.5 plates of food... and no small plates. We felt ill. Seriously ill.

Not only that, but afterwards we had to go to the grocery store to buy something to eat for dinner tonight. Have you ever tried shopping for food when your stuffed to the point of nausea? yick. We hobbled are way around the grocery store and got what we needed and then was picked up by Johnny. Now, Andy is in a food coma and zipped up in his sleeping bag. I tried to nap, but I ate less and don't feel as ill, and there was also an annoying dripping noise keeping me from sleep. Oh well.

While on the topic of food, some may be interested in what we eat on a daily basis. I'll give you a general break down and how many calories we consume in a day. Typically we will burn about 7000 calories in a day, especially in the cold weather. All measurements are of course, approximate.

Breakfast: 840-1020 calories
-Coffee/hot chocolate mix: 100 Cal
-peanut butter (1.5oz), honey (1 tbsp), dried fruit (1/8 cup), and granola (1/8 cup) sandwich: Approx. 600 cal
-some sort of bar. We like Pemmican bars which have 420 calories per bar, but can't always find
those so have to use cliffbars which have about 240

Lunch: 1100 calories
-Candy bar (right now snickers): 280
- Health Bar (right now cliff): 240
- Cheese (2 slices) salami (4 slices) and honey sandwiches: 580

Dinner: 1510
-hot chocolate: 100
- stuffing mix, can of chicken, 1/4 cup of dried fruit: 1200
-oatmeal pies for dessert: 210

So we eat about 3500 calories a day. Even more if we can find those pemmican bars. They taste great, have a ton of calories, and we even usually put extra peanut butter on top.

After saying I wasn't napping, I fell asleep for an hour.

Also, its been exactly a month for me since I left home! For all of Andys friends/family, I started a few days earlier than Andy but got held up at a hostel because of -10 degree weather and blustery winds. It all worked out though.