Sickly and tired

Day 19

Hiked today:15.4
Hiked total: 298.2
To katahdin: 1880.1

We planned to wake up early today but when the alarm went off we both agreed to sleep until our normal time.

We got up, packed, and ate breakfast then headed out. We had planned to do a 21 mile day today but after about 4 miles it was apparent our bodies did not want to, not to mention there was a lot of uphill.

We passed food and a hostel that was half a mile off the trail before we had realized we weren't going to be able to do all 21 miles. Soon after that, we started feeling woozy, light headed, and as if we were dragging ourselves. My vision was a little blurred at times, and today was the first day this trip I was sore.

At lunch, we decided to go 6 miles less. We thought it was for the best and at our slower pace it would have been dark when we got there.

Not too long after we ate, we came across a fork in the trail. One said 'bad weather trail' and the other said 'exposed ridge trail.' We took the ridge, and I must say it was pretty cool. It was about 8 feet wide, and we could see off both sides. One side had the flattest terrain we have seen yet, while the other was mountainous. About this time is when we started feeling better. I guess we sweated out what ever was in us. I just hope we aren't getting sick. It was also apparent we weren't going to get the 21 miles because of all the climbing we had to do, so it ended up being ok.

We plan to push a little extra tomorrow and the day after and camp right outside of Erwin, TN and the next morning spend the day and night there to have a half zero day. It was either push it a couple days and rest for a full day, or spread it out and rest there for a half day. Basically days wise it works out to be the same.

Time for rummy and then bed.

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