An upper

Day 16

Hiked today: 17.8
Total hiked: 253.8
To katahdin: 1924.5

The hostel last night only had a wood burning heater which we snuggled up against as much as possible, but after we fell asleep we were obviously unable to tend to it. So we woke up in the morning fairly chilled. However there were many blankets piled up over our sleeping bags to keep us toasty. It was 18 degrees out this morning, but we were able to have a hot breakfast and about three cups of coffee and got chocolate each. I had oatmeal to keep things simple, but at the resupply shed/store they had eggs: which Andy eagerly grabbed. I would have done the same had they stocked the shed with cheese and sausages. Andy grabbed all 6 of them and proceeded to make a heaping plate of scrambled eggs.
After full warm bellies we got off to a late 8:45 start. There was a 5 mile incline, but after that the terrain was fairly kind to us. What made us really happy was the fact it was warm and sunny enough to allow us to hike without our jacket, hat, and gloves. We were back to our cheery selves talking the whole way. When the weather is bad and we are grumpy we don't really talk much, meaning, we haven't really talked on the trail for at least 3 days.
Anyway, we were happy to get a few changes in scenery along the way. We got to a mountain called max patch which is bald. It was the strangest thing. While we were hiking it, I was waiting for the secret government nuclear lab door to open up out of the ground. We go over the hump to show tons of cars, and people! We must have seen at least 20 people. Not a single person asked us about our hike, which is strange considering we were the only ones with large packs on booking it along the trail. It sounds selfish, but I was a little offended!
We finally make it to camp and meet two guys, Mark and Jim. They turned out to be scout masters on a trip with 7 of their scouts. They built a fire and we just talked until it got dark. They were all really nice and kept us warm with their fire building skills we desperately could have used a few days ago.
We are off to hot springs where we will take a mental day since its supposed to rain for three days straight.

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