Less than 2000 miles

Day 14

hiked today: 16.7
hiked total: 193.9
to katahdin: 1984.4

It'll be short and sweet tonight. We woke up a little late (I didn't want to get up) and left the cage. It was foggy and then snowed most the day. We got pretty high up and missed out on some views but it was still really pretty.

Later on the snow stopped and the sun came out to show us a gorgeous view of the smokies. However, it was COLD all day. Our water was frozen pretty much the whole time.

We got to the shelter to meet a guy named beaver (or Jay) and we started the 2 hour process to build a fire with wet wood. And it worked! It wasn't raging, but it was going. It's going to be a very cold night. This is the highest we have stayed at 5505 feet.

On the way to the shelter we saw some bear prints which were probably from this morning and about 30 yards from our shelter.