Unseen zero

Day 0

Incase you haven't noticed, when I say day 0 that means no hiking.

We woke up late (7:30) and went down to the gas station to try and resupply. When we got there, there were 5 cans of soup. Needless to say we couldn't survive off that for 6 days. We asked for a shuttle back to the shelter before we left and luckily the guy had a meeting in a normal town with food and a grocery store so he brought us there. That took about an hour to get to. He said he probably wouldn't be done until 1 or so and then he would drive is back. By the time we get back to the shelter it will be too late to start hiking so we are forced to take a zero day. At least we pushed the last 3 days so its not the end of the world.

We also got in touch with Jim. He emailed me and when I got into the city I was able to check my phone. Anyway somehow we missed each other or we were on the other side of the dam. He hiked up a little to try and meet is but we never crossed paths. We feel bad because he drove all the way here with all that food. We were happy to know he wasn't hurt or anything which was a concern since we didn't hear from him.

We will rest at the shelter and resume hiking tomorrow.

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