Rain. And maybe a bear

Day 8

Hiked today: 19.3
Hiked total: 98.6
To katahdin: 2079.7

Rain rain go away. We arose this morning to lots of fog. We ate breakfast and packed up before putting on our rain gear. Luckily we knew it was supposed to rain today so we were prepared. Right after we left it started coming down fairly lightly. It was kind of cool to have about 50 feet of visibility, but it reminded me too much of my second, and worst, day. Luckily it didn't get too cold so it stayed rain. The terrain was fairly easy which is why we decided to push near 20 miles. Right now we are only 11 miles from Franklin, NC which is where we will take a zero day to celebrate our first state and 100 miles completed.

About 2 hours before we got to the shelter it started coming down. We were both happy to be with one another as we agreed neither of us would have continued after today.

Around 2 miles before shelter we stopped for a moment on the trail and heard a very deep and low noise. It wasn't really a growl, it sounded like a diesel car starting up (which it definitely wasn't.) sounded kind of like a cougar or a bear. Then not too much later we saw a sign for bear pen gap. Not only that but we passed a lot of fairly small trees just trampled on both sides. Kind of scary.

Like I said before the terrain was fairly easy, however, about a mile before the shelter we climbed 450 in .2 miles. Yes, I said climbed. It was pretty scary because the rocks we were climbing were really wet. Once we made it to the top there was a giant tower which had to do with some sort of agricultural research. We were going to climb it and see the views from 5250 feet up, but we couldn't even see 52 feet infront of us!

Right now we are in the tent which we set up inside the shelter and hung a tarp we found here along the front for as much wind and rain protection as possible. Very windy tonight.

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