Less than 3 days!

Less than 3 days until I leave. I got a pack upgrade because I needed more room in my pack. I like the new one a lot more than the other one just for organization reasons. Anyway, I have been talking a lot with Survivor Dave who is driving me to Springer and he has helped me out a lot. If anyone needs to get from the Atlanta airport to Springer, contact him. He is very helpful and will pick up any gear you need. http://www.atsurvivordave.com is his website.

Thanks to backcountry.com, I was able to return my old pack, even though I had used it for a month and there was nothing wrong with it other than it not fitting my needs, and get a new one and got credited the full amount I paid for the original!

There is hope once more for completing the whole trail. So we will see when one month comes if I will continue or come home. It may be the former.

This is how communication is going to go:
My phone will be on in the morning for an hour or so. Probably between 8-9, depending on how many miles I plan to do that day. Then in the evening it will probably be on for 3 hours or so. Probably about 6-9. It all depends on sunlight and how many miles I plan to walk. However, My phone will most likely be on 4 hours a day so I can update this, e-mail, and have some sort of connection with the outside world.

So I have everything packed and ready to go. I eagerly await Sunday morning, next post will be from the trail.

Oh, I also went and talked in my brothers grade about the trip as they are studying Lewis and Clark and the teachers thought it would be relevant for me to come in. So hi everyone in 2nd grade!