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The Dusty Camel was created for the sole purpose of repaying an insurmountable debt to others. Countless people have shared their homes – their lives – with us. Often, they feel rewarded and humbled to help. However, without them, we could never achieve what our minds strive to obtain.

With each journey comes a tale. A story which I share in the moment with the intention of inspiring those who follow to embark on their own adventure; their own life changing experience.

It is time, once again, for the pages to unfold and share another story, as it happens.

The Appalachian Trail (2009) was a story of finding adventure. A relative greenie when it came to backpacking, and an unexpected brotherhood that unfolded and strengthened over the miles.

The Pacific Crest Trail (2011) shared the epic environment and terrain, which snakes through this country and the pain-and-struggle that comes hand in hand with a six-month trek.

2017 marks the start of the final journey for the Triple Crown of American backpacking trails – the Continental Divide Trail.

On this journey, as I share it live, I will highlight the amazing industry which has not only supported me on my journeys, but is the reason why such endeavors can be enjoyable. For far too long have long arduous journeys been just that – long and arduous. It will be the gear and equipment I carry which gets me through this widely unmapped, epically intense terrain.  

Those who dedicate their lives to helping those enjoy the amazing nature this world has to offer are people who should be celebrated. Partnering with Big Outdoors, we will share the story of individual manufacturer, making niche market products at the top of their field.

Together with Mystery Ranch* and NEMO Equipment*, I will share the story of the engine that could. The tale of a once niche market underworld brand that has now become a mid-size, high reach company, and share that they can make anything happen with hard work and dedication.

Finally, with our partnership with Arc'teryx*, we will highlight the simple fact that it is possible for a once small company to make it big without compromising its values.

This 6-month, 3,000-mile trek will be a solo adventure into mind and body. Shared (when service allows) as it happens.

As a sponsor of this journey, you will have full access to all images created along the journey for marketing purposes, video clips of your product in action along the trail, highlighted reviews, and much more.

With nearly 450,000 views of our PCT documentary on YouTube (2014), and our thousands of followers, your product will shine through to the clientele in your target market.

Join us on this epic journey through the most remote and wild terrain this country has to offer. 

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