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Howdy folks!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have actually started to get busy around here as I begin to take over the theater. For those of you not familiar with my ship, it consists of a theater and an ice rink. I’m the light tech for the ice rink and my friend takes up the theater, a bigger venue with bigger acts and shows. Well…. He’s leaving and shore side hasn’t sent a replacement yet… which leaves me juggling two venues, a welcomed change. I’ve been going insane with all my free time. There’s only so many episodes Community I can watch before I begin to slip into insanity. I’ve just finished season two of House of Cards though. For HoC enthusiasts allow me a brief: WHAT THE FUCK DOUG? DID FRANK JUST DO THE THING?! WALKER, NOOOOO! ZOEY’S STILL GONE L! There. I kept that fan girl rant to a minimum.

In other news, my half marathon is right around the corner at October 25. I’ve been training since the start of July and boy do I feel ready. My goal is to finish. As it’s my first half, I want a time below two hours an hour and a half if I can swing it, which I think is doable. I’ll be running the Coco Beach Half Marathon which means, you guessed it, the actress from I Dream of Jeanie will be there… doing something, I’m not sure what, but I’m sure she’s a fantastic woman/Jeanie.

Training for a half has it’s challenges on a ship. Luckily, we do have a track. It’s just 6.7 laps to the mile and sports a nice, thin layer of rubber before the plate steel on the bottom of the deck. My legs are killing me. I do get to get off in ports and run though, which is amazing. My long day is back in the states where I can run on the beach and check out the sea turtles.

I have only a few months left before I start to really plan out the AT! Unfortunately, I’ll have to forego plans in the conservation corps to a later date as student loans and the AT are more important to me right now. Saving money and paying loans doesn’t really sound too appealing when you’re working for free housing. I plan to go back to CLE, save some money, do some free lancing, and be on my way. The practices hikes will be many, come join me if you’re in Ohio!

Welp, that’s just an update on my life. Expect pictures soon. I must run off to the theater, I have a tech runL Best,