AT Motivational Sheets

Hello all again! I write just 50 nautical miles South of Hati! We're doing the Western run… again. Haiti, Jamaica Grand Cayman, and my personal favorite, Cozumel, Mexico for obvious reasons, anything goes in Mexico. I've actually had quite a busy week last week which explains my infrequent posting.

First of all, I was offered and accepted a position as a volunteer with A.C.E. (American Conservation Experience) in January. These guys are pretty much equitable to Civilian Conservation Corps and do offer corps member positions from time to time. I'll be there for three months, then it's off to the AT. Room and board included, no pay though. We're fed when on projects called hitches and left to fend for ourselves the rest of the time. It's supposed to be something like 6-8 days on, 2-6 days off depending on what hitches are available and where we are. Our HQ in Santa Cruz or Tahoe California houses all of us, I'm not sure how many. We have a full kitchen at our disposal basic house hold things like couches, entertainment and most important of all, wifi. I hope to use my days off to travel around California with my new team mates!

Secondly, I just finished my bout of cleaning, relamping and troubleshooting some 40 lights in the Royal Prommenade venue, 5 decks above the ground. I love heights! Now I can relax and focus more on important things, like catching up on House of Cards and re-watching my new favorite movie, "Alone in the Wilderness". Cue obvious plug for this movie. "Alone in the Woods" stars Dick Proenneke, who documented his time in Twin Lakes, Alaska on tape and paper. What's so special about this man you might ask? He, A- Built a log cabin from scratch, alone with tools he packed in or made. B- He's lived there for 35 years, retiring from his solitude at grand old age of 82 because minus 50 degree winters were getting to be a little bit too much. C- He shot his experience cultivating his homestead for the first year on film. D- The man built an artesian style stone fire place with stones he collected from his lake. I rest my case. Check out his movie NOW.

So, below, you'll see my Appalachian trail motivational sheets, Inspired by the book, Appalachian Trails. Here I have two prompts: 1. When I Successfully Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail, I will… 2.If I Give up on the Appalachian Trail, I will… Under each one, I bullet reasons for both prompts. I highly recommend this method for anyone undergoing the AT. Even if you're dead set on doing a thru, having a little motivation to keep you going on that fourth rain day in a row is comforting for me. Although I know all of these things I've written out in my head, and I think having a physical text object will keep me on track.

When I Successfully Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail, I will…

• Have completed a LIFE goal and dream • Be more confident in my outdoor skills • Be able to confirm my perpetual, "I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail after college", to everyone I come in contact with • Be more confident in myself • Discover what it’s like to use TP in the rain… • Appreciate what I have and what we all share as Earth inhabitants • Have seen 2100 miles plus of country • Have inspired a little outdoorsman/woman to accomplish his or her dreams • Have permanent bragging rights • Have a plethora of new friends • Befriend the ever elusive Bigfoot • Have decided if the outdoors industry is right for me • Summit Katahdin

If I Give up on the Appalachian Trail, I will…

• Be letting myself down • Be letting friends and family down • Not live up to my fucking potential • Not experience the ups and downs of a ~2100 mile fucking adventure • Miss the chance to inspire other lil' thru hikers like I was • Not meet other likeminded people • Have wasted my time on in the cruise ships in financial preparation for the AT • Have wasted at least three years of planning and preparation for this hike • Come back a failure • Slip into a gummy bear fueled depression supplemented with months of listening to My Chemical Romance CD’s • Miss out on the chance to truly bond with nature on a long term scale • Cry at every mention of a Katahdin Summit

So type your motivations out, print them and laminate that shit, because lamination is forever.

Until next week my friends.